About School


At Alma Kids, We are working on basic objectives that could support our vision and mission in right way. Some of them are :

To provide world class education at very affordable fees across the world.

To facilitate natural ambience for learning and thinking through their basic instincts involving tools and techniques from their all round development.

To prepare kids for higher grade developing their physical, mental and emotional personality adopting creative pedagogy and cognitive emotional pedagogy model of learning.

To bring out their inherent qualities and broaden their intellectual vision to understand things around them with creative and logical thinking.

To inspire those who want to adopt their career in creative pedagogy and its impact that help in serving society through children.

To explore the innate potential of kids and provide them healthy and emotional ambience for learning.

To promote the learning model of child psychology and cognitive pedagogy for the betterment of kids personality and their intellectual power.

To provide preparation for Kindergarten in a loving, caring environment

To encourage the child to grow in an awareness of self and others through the love of God.

To encourage the child to grow in an awareness of self and others through the love of God.

Develop age appropriate patterns of dependence and independence.

Grow in social/emotional skills including appropriate expression of emotion, ability to manage aggression and stress, and focused participation in activities. Increase language skills in both listening and communicating.

Appreciating and supporting the close ties between the child and family;

Develop perceptual/motor skills by practicing with many kinds of hands-on and interactive materials for fine motor and large motor development.

Hygiene and self-help skills such as caring for ordinary toilet needs without undue assistance, putting on and hanging up coats, and proper handwashing.

Identifying with self as a cooperative member of a group, as well as learning to appreciate his/her unique God given talents as an individual and to like himself/herself.

Enlarge creative skills and enjoyment through experiences with art materials, music, building and play. Experience the joy of learning.

Appreciating childhood as a unique and valuable state of the human life cycle and valuing the quality of children’s lives in the present, not just as preparation for the future;

Basing our work with children on knowledge of child development and learning;

Recognizing that children are best understood in the context of family, culture, and society;
Respecting the dignity, worth, and uniqueness of each individual (child, family member, and colleague); and

Helping children and adults achieve their full potential in the context of relationships based on trust, respect, and positive regard.


Alma Kids is one of the recent ventures of Alma to support and enhance pre-primary education sector of India and abroad through providing latest model of learning in natural ambience.It is affiliated with Mauritius based IIML. IIML is abbreviated form of International Informatics Mauritius Limited Company that is Mauritius based and offers International Certifications in education including computer and management stream as well. It is registered under business companies act of Mauritian govt.

International Informatics Mauritius Limited (IIML) is well recognized and registered company that deals in educational certification of computer education and promoting International Certification Courses across the Globe.

The IIML accredited and categorized as domestic company by Registrar of Business, Government of Mauritius. IIML is coded – CO9085647 in business registration under company division and conducts transactions under the business registration code section business registration act 2002 of the Republic of Mauritius.

IIML is supported by National Board of Computer (NCB) to promote computer education courses and awareness of computer literacy across the country. Apart from this, IIML follows the policies and regulations of NCB. The NCB is a para-statal body of entrusted with the mission to promote the development of Information Technology and communication technology ICT in Mauritius.

IIML is supported and encouraged by Mauritius Qualification Authority to promote quality computer education.

Association: International Informatics Mauritius Limited (IIML) has well associated with other companies and organization those are working in computer education and IT education sectors in India.

In India, IIML has associated with Alma – The leading brand in computer education and other vocational training program across the continents. IIML moves its International Certification Courses with the strategic alliance of Alma. In India, IIML of many job oriented computer courses with International Certification recognition.

President – Alma India

Santosh Shukla

(President Alma Kids Supreme Court, Advocate)

Alma Kids – Endless Learning with Happiness

Board Of Directors

Dhairyvirsinh J Rathod

(Director, Alma International School)

B.Tech IT ,MBA

Komal D Rathod

(Asst Director, Alma International School)

B.A B.Ed (English )

George Bernard Shaw quotes as what we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child, is really inspiring. Learning is a basic instinct in being human and it is said to be acquired through proper care and emotional atmosphere to learn anything we want them to get through playing and fun. Alma Kids follows the creative pedagogy principle and cognitive emotional pedagogy to get most out of children. At Alma Kids, our core mission is to inspire kids for their own thinking to understand the world around them. Alma Kids approaches to them with interactive, social and community learning process including play and fun zones along with awareness of hygienic habits so that their day could be full of basic learning apart from academic understanding. Alma Kids International Preschool staff is extremely compassionate and enthusiastic about your kid’s development. We assure you that our exceptionally skilled tutors will transform every day in your kid’s life into a extraordinary day. Our tutors are coached to create a secure atmosphere in class and help your loved ones feel at ease with their presence in Alma Kids International Preschool. The basic human values that our staff teaches the Kids are always live with Happiness that comes from resilience, Courage that comes from knowledge about truth and Wisdom that comes to the true seeker of knowledge.

These values may sound a bit too heavy to assimilate considering that they are just small Kids, but the potency of Kids is unbelievable and we have the experience on how to inculcate the right virtues in their minds. Our staff has gained outstanding skills that help them to communicate with Kids through words as well as gestures. These skills allow our tutors to be assertive while being receptive and reactive at same time. Montessori education is an educational approach developed by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori and characterized by an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical, and social development. Montessori introduced several concepts to explain this work, including the absorbent mind, sensitive periods, and normalization. At Alma Kids we serve a larger number of children from around one year to two-and-a-half or three years old. Both environments emphasize materials and activities scaled to the children’s size and abilities, opportunities to develop movement, and activities to develop independence. Development of independence in toileting is typically emphasized as well. According to Ever Garrison “A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in the pupils.” We at Alma Kids, assure you of excellent education for your kids and their all round development.

I would like to thanks all those who espouse the cause of child education and serve humanity.